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Farebné Krištáľový Luster Európskej Sviečka, lampa detskej izby lampa Americké Dievča Princezná Makaron Rainbow Lampy, Lustre



Dostupnosť :Skladom


Štítky: dekor princezná, sviečky sklo svietnik, lampa led, crystorama krištáľový luster, chandelie, žiarovka farba, dizajn lampy na stenu, gu10 povrchu, luster osvetlenie crystal led, firefly lampa.


  • Prepnúť Typ: Gombík prepínač
  • Základný Typ: E14
  • Typ Inštalácie: Semiflush Mount
  • Odtieň Smer: up
  • Je Žiarovky Zahrnuté: Áno
  • Číslo Modelu: HFCOLOR88
  • Zdroj Napájania: AC
  • Záruka: 3 rokov
  • Zdroj Svetla: LED Žiarovky
  • Názov Značky: KOL.HaffaR
  • Položka Druh: Lustre
  • Štýl: ART DECO
  • Je Stmievateľné: No
  • Odtieň Typ: Shadeless
  • Napätie: 110-240V
  • Certifikácia: ROHS
  • Povrch: Brúsený Nikel
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Materiál Telesa: Sklo
  • Funkcie: Detské izby LUSTER

The chandelier is very beautiful. Made an order of 20.08, brought a courier DPD 17.09. Very good packaging, everything is whole. Asked the seller to carefully pack the goods and paste the stickers fragile, the seller did everything, thank you very much!

Len4ick85 (2020-09-17)

Some parts are missing, some (tubes under the lights) didn't match size and needed to be cut (see attached video), lights were not certified as mentioned, without any mark of power and really poor quality. Overall look of lamp is good and accurate. The package was quite safe, only few LED-light were broken, at the bottom of the box. It took over a week to send lamp and delivery took 2 + month to Ukraine. I have opened dispute about lights for $8 only (just the price for new, as had to throw away these) and seller made a refund. No any message was sent about this. My advice to buy this item only if you have instruments and some time to solve all this problems. Since the order, the chandelier has been sent in more than a week. Went to Ukraine for 2.5 months. In fact: a chandelier made of glass, looks Topchik, neat, but the filling is terrible, the wires are not even copper, decorative lining on the cartridges had to be cut (metal), the bulbs without power, quality is shit. The result is Topchik, but think for yourself.

Gabriel Millnitz (2020-12-02)

The chandelier came relatively quickly, for one and a half months, the color of the chandelier is not as bright as in the photo, packed was very good, nothing chatted in the box, out of weighing drops most was dark blue, distribution is the same on the flower drops there, the base was cracked apparently it was a marriage, in the photo it is visible, In the kit there were 7 bulbs, we will change the bulbs dim, well, thanks for them it was nice, I thought in general without bulbs will come, in general I'm all happy, thank you to the seller

Jayson Almocera (2020-11-02)

Beatiful chandelier, great addition to kid's room. Good contact with supplier, comprehensive service.

Doktor02 (2021-01-22)

Slightly broken, but very cool

Mazzaffaka (2021-01-19)

Napíšte svoju recenziu!

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