Managing Global Business: Dell Case Studies

Specialization: course opened to all study programs
Warrantor: Dipl. Ing. Simona Škorvagová, PhD., Faculty of Commerce
Instructor: DELL experts
Lecturing hours (weekly): 2
Credits: 3 ECTS
Date: Thursday, 16:00-17:30
Room:  Premisses of Dell, Fazuľová 7
Working language: English
Assessment: A-Fx

Aim of the course: The aim of this course is to introduce students the functioning of a global company and its success story, specifics of its operations on the global market. Students will get the overview of the market and industry the company operates on. Certain strategic areas will be discussed in more details (direct model, brand, remote management, M&As…) so that students understand these aspects and how they are important for global companies compared to the ones operating on a local market. Although being prepared in DELL Slovakia, these topics will cover global activities, with link to local, Slovak market. Competitors will be addressed in specific topics to show the differentiation of DELL. Highly practical, students will see how different company strategies influence its success or failure. Complexity and variety of topics will give students broad picture of what it is about to manage global business.

Managing Global Business Assessment criteria

Getting to Dell: To travel from University of Economics, the best connection to choose is using the bus No.184 to Zochova bus stop (leaves at 15:15 from Ekonomicka univerzita bus stop, direction City Centre, Prokopa Velkeho), and from Zochova take bus 94 to Blumental. This trip only takes 14 minutes (combined). Dell building is on your right. For the first lesson, please arrive at least 10 minutes before the beginning of class to allow time for the security checks.

Overview of course sessions

Week 1 – 15.2. – Introductory lesson: general overview of the whole course, course flow, requirements and expectations from students, briefing for final case (compulsory class!)
Course Overview 2018 (download)

Week 2 – 22.2. – DELL Evolution – how can you build a company around a pioneering idea and today’s challenges
DELL Evolution (download)
Homework for 22.2. (download)

Week 3 – 1.3. – DELL M&As strategy globally
Homework for 1.3. (download)

Week 4 – 8.3. – Finance basics

Homework for 8.3. (download)

Week 5 -15.3.-  Marketing/ Pricing

Homework for 15.3. (download)

Week 6 – 22.3. – Dell culture/ managing remote teams

Homework for 22.3. (download)

29.3. Easter – no class

Week 7 – 5.4. – Presentation skills – theory

Presentation Skills CNAS 2018

There is no homework for this class – please see homework for next week.

Week 8 – 12.4. –  Presentation skills – practise 


Week 9 – 19.4. –  Dell brand and social media


Week 10 – 26.4. – Customer experience 


Week 11 – 3.5. –  The World of Shared Services Centers


Week 12 – 10.5. – Final class – case study presentation 

Final Assignment 2017     

Final Assignment 2017 with groups

Final Case Study 2018

If your name is missing in the above group allocation – please contact Jozef Petrik and Jana Kapráliková who we will add you to one of the groups.