Leadership challenges

Instructor: Olívia Hurbanová
Lecturing hours: in blocks
Credits: 3 ECTS
Dates: 24.9  13:30-16:30 (first compulsory class is on 24 September 2018)

8.10  13:30-16:30
29.10 13:30-16:30
12.11 13:30-16:30
19.11 13:30-16:30
10.12 13:30-16:30

Room: A3.12
Working language: English
Assessment: A-FX

Course requirements and Assessment

Aim of the course: The Leadership challenges course is aiming to prepare young future leaders for the careers of tomorrow, getting them ready to adapt to an ever-changing world. The main components of the “Future Skills Concept“ are : Emotional and Social Intelligence, Teamwork and Functional Collaboration, Decision Making, Power of Influence and Persuasion, Nonverbal communication and its role in business, Cross-cultural communication, Cognitive overload management, Creative thinking and Innovations. This course engages students in a variety of activities designed to enhance their understanding of the leadership challenges which confront today’s business professionals. In addition to specific skill development in the areas of problem-solving, written and oral communications, leading teams, and goal setting, it will include models for examining personal career paths, ethical decision-making, and the role of organizational change-agents. Examples of leadership skills and techniques include: communications, public speaking, strategic planning, decision-making, adaptive and innovative thinking and team building. The main goal of the course is to provide students with developmental opportunities to assess and improve their managerial skills and performance. Classroom instruction is supplemented by case discussions, interactive exercises and self-assessment instruments.


  1. Teamwork, Functional Collaboration and Emotional Intelligence – 24.9.
  2. Nonverbal Communication and its role in business – 8.10.
  3. Argumentation, Decision Making and Power of Influence – 29.10.
  4. Information Overload Management – regain and sharpen your focus and memory – 12.11.
  5. Basics of Cross-cultural Communication – 19.11.
  6. The Role of Creative Thinking and Innovations in Business – 10.12.