Interpersonal Managerial Skills: Lenovo Case Studies

Specialization: course opened to all study programs
Instructor: Maxim Strashun, MA, Ing. Andrej Benovic –  Lenovo experts
Lecturing hour: BLOCK CLASSES 
Credits: 3 ECTS

Oct.  23 – Personal Branding (Andrej Benovic)

Nov. 6 – Writing effective emails (Andrej Benovic)

Nov. 13  – Basics of Cultural Intelligence (Andrej Juriga)

Nov. 20 – Career advice and how to prepare for interviews (Maxim Strashun)

Nov. 27 – Time Management (Andrej Benovic)

Time: 1pm – 5pm
Room: A3.12, except of Nov. 27: A4.14
Working language: English
Evaluation: A- FX

Assessment rules and Expectations for Lenovo course
Aim of the course: The aim of this course is for the students to practice the interpersonal skills that lie at the core of working at a large multinational company. This course is based on a series of highly-practical trainings Lenovo offers its managers and top talents. The format of the course, hands-on and role-play-oriented structure of the course, and real Lenovo communication case studies make this course highly useful for students of the University of Economics in Bratislava from a wide range of economic and managerial departments. Within its structure, the course introduces students to personal branding, time management, effective communication and career planning. Highly practical, students will have an opportunity to acknowledge themselves with the way how the often-overlooked interpersonal skills greatly influence people’s success and satisfaction with their job and career progression.

Instructions final essay Lenovo


1. Personal Branding I. – Understanding personal brand attributes and personal branding process – 23.10.

2. Personal Branding II. – Defining your brand and learning how to use it for your profit – 23.10.

Literature (articles, websites, books):

3. Writing effective emails I. – How to write good emails – 6.11. – Reading

4. Writing effective emails II. – Application to difficult cases – 6.11.

Literature (articles, websites, books): Writing effective emails handbook by Lenovo Slovakia and Class Language School

Stop Email Overload


5. Basics of Cultural Intelligence I. – Identification of individual cultural barries that limit the quality of cross-cultural encounters, Differences across cultures in the way people comminicate – 13.11.

6. Basics of Cultural Intelligence II. – Strategies how to work with different cultures – 13.11.

Literature (articles, websites, books):

7. Career advice and how to prepare for interviews I. – Preparing for interviews – 20.11.

8. Career advice and how to prepare for interviews II. – Practical Career advice: working in international companies and being successful – 20.11. Literature (articles, websites, books):Brilliant Interviews by Ros Jay, 2nd edition, Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2005


9. Time Management I. – Learning crutial skills and tools to help managing daily activities effectively – 27.11.

10. Time Management II. – Identifying and discovering Time Wasters and Iterruptions and learning ways how to eliminate them – 27.11.

Literature (articles, websites, books): Getting Things Done: How to Achieve Stress-free Productivity by David Allen (several editions available)