American Society

Specialization: course opened to all study programs
Warrantor: Gabriela Pleschová, PhD.
Instructor: Ing. Zuzana Krkošková
Lecturing hours (weekly): 2
Credits: 3 ECTS
Date: TBC
Room: TBC
Working language: English
Assessment: A-Fx

Aim of the course:  The purpose of the course will be to take hold of American Society by defining what is “society” and what is “American” throughout the course. The narrative will begin with the story of the first settlers in North America before it called itself the US of A. The classes will describe and analyze how the American Society was born, raised, and developed in the last three centuries. The emphasis of the first part of the course will be placed on the birth of a nation and will cover the historical part of the society. The second half will focus more on current topics and issues which frequently arise in the history and today. This course will presume no background in the American society or its political system. After passing the course, students will be competent to characterize American Society and will be fully capable of discussing some of the most stressing problems today. By relying on primary as well as secondary sources the students will examine the texts within the era in which they were created and they will manage to link some of their impact with today’s America.